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When you face a DUI charge, you need a competent Los Angeles DUI attorney to defend you. Often the driver who is arrested for DUI does not realize how dangerous their case is. DUI is one of the most expensive misdemeanors on the books. For decades, politicians have been making the penalties steeper and steeper—and the state will throw the book at you.

You need someone on your side who will fight just as hard. Without a lawyer, you have to face a complicated legal process on your own. You have no one who knows how to subpoena the police, request evidence, or question the accuracy of a Breathalyzer test. These are tactics that DUI defense lawyers use to minimize the evidence against you, which can help you win your case or reduce the charges.

Without a good lawyer, you’ll be left trying to understand the system on your own. Even if you’re assigned a public by the state, they will not help you in your DMV hearing to keep your license. They may treat your case as just another file number and they often just recommend you plead guilty. When you hire a DUI lawyer, you have a skilled professional gunning to get you a better plea deal, get the charges against you dropped, or even win your case outright.

The penalties for a DUI in Los Angeles are tough:

Our site exists to help connect you with an attorney who will come up with the best defense stagey based on the specific details of your case. We will assign you with a lawyer who spent their entire career defending DUI cases throughout the greater Los Angeles area, someone who continuously keep abreast of the changes in DUI law through associations such as:

We believe that you can put your DUI behind you. By giving us basic details of your case, we will match you to one of our attorneys who will offer you an in-depth case evaluation for free. You need to fight for your freedom, your driver’s license, and your future. The first step to doing that is hiring an attorney you can trust. Let us help you do that by calling us at (310) 862-0199.