Consultation with a DUI Lawyer

Some DUI attorneys offer a free consultation before taking on your case. This is your chance to see if the lawyer has what it takes to win your DUI case.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, it can be hard to know whether hiring a lawyer is worth it. There are many attorneys who advertise DUI defense, but what can they really do for your case? What if the evidence against you is overwhelming? If you’re uncertain about hiring a lawyer, it’s best to ask for an initial consultation first.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is a short meeting between 30 and 60 minutes long. It may be at the lawyer’s office or they may agree to meet you somewhere convenient for you—at work, at home or elsewhere. If your loved one was arrested for DUI and is still in jail, the attorney can meet with you, and then go see your loved one if you decide to hire them. In many cases they can help get your loved one out of jail altogether.

The purpose of the consultation is for you to decide whether the lawyer can help you, and get professional guidance on your legal options. They may help you review:

  • The first steps you should take
  • How to request a DMV hearing and potentially keep your driver’s license
  • What you should and should not do in the weeks ahead
  • Whether a plea bargain offer from the prosecution is really a good deal
  • Whether the case against you is strong or not
  • How they would recommend defending your case, and the most likely outcomes to expect.

No DUI attorney can promise to win a case. But the most experienced ones can give you specific examples of how they will fight the evidence against you. They can often tear apart even the toughest case against you, and they may be able to get your DUI charge dropped or reduced to a lesser charge. If you meet with a good DUI lawyer, you should leave feeling confident that they know how to improve your outcome.

What questions should you ask a DUI lawyer?

Not all attorneys are equal. Some dedicate years to DUI while some just dabble in it on the side. The most important things to look for in a DUI lawyer are:

  • They listen to you when you talk
  • They can give examples of cases just like yours and explain how they won
  • They are attentive and remember details of your case

You should also assess their experience. Ask them if they take other types of cases. A good DUI lawyer focuses exclusively on DUI law, and rarely takes other cases on. Similarly, ask if they have any special credentials related to DUI defense. The best ones have worked for years to distinguish themselves with special training.

Is a DUI consultation free?

Some lawyers provide a free consultation, and others charge for it. Beware lawyers who charge for your consultation. A consultation is supposed to be your chance to feel out a lawyer without any obligation. Try speaking to a lawyer who offers a free consultation first, before you try others.

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