Plea Bargain / Plea Deal for DUI

A DUI plea bargain means you agree to plead guilty in exchange for a specific sentence or outcome.

When you are accused of DUI in Los Angeles, sooner or later the prosecutor will approach you with an offer. The offer is a two-way exchange: you agree to plead guilty or no contest, and they agree to a specific sentence. This kind of deal is called a plea bargain.

The first plea bargain that a prosecutor offers you is not usually a good one. The prosecutor is trying you out to see if you will accept a serious sentence. But in some cases a plea bargain can work in your favor—especially if you have a good DUI lawyer working for you.

Examples of potentially favorable plea bargains include:

  • You were charged with a serious crime, like DUI causing injury, but the prosecutor agrees to reduce it to a regular DUI.
  • The prosecutor agrees to reduce the charge to reckless driving.
  • The prosecutor agrees to a sentence with no jail time, or drops a sentence enhancement against you.

Any of these could be good for you—but none of them are as good as winning your case outright. This is the difficulty of a plea bargain. It’s only in your best interest if you don’t think you could win in court. That’s why you should always consult a DUI lawyer before you accept a deal.

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