Car Insurance and DUI

A single DUI can raise your car insurance costs by as much as $10,000 over 10 years.

Car insurance is one of the hidden costs of a DUI. Insurance companies view drivers with a DUI on their record as a liability, and are allowed to charge higher rates or even drop the person’s policy altogether. In most cases, a DUI means you will end up paying dramatically more for car insurance than you otherwise would.

There are three ways a DUI can cause your car insurance costs to ride:

  • The insurer raises your premium
  • The insurer cancels any “good driver” discounts you had been getting
  • The insurer refuses to insure you at all, and you are forced to switch to a more expensive insurance company

These insurance costs are on top of the thousands of dollars in fines and penalties you already face for you.

The higher rates will only start if and when your insurer finds out about your DUI. You are not required to inform them, but in most cases they will learn about it sooner or later. This is because:

  • DUIs are reportable in California. They go on your driver record, which your insurance company can pull anytime they want.
  • If you want to get your license back after suspension, you will need a special insurance form called the SR-22. You will have to tell your insurer about your DUI to get that form.

You can find more detailed information about insurance after a DUI here: How long does DUI affect insurance in California?

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