SR-22 Form

The SR-22 is a special proof of insurance form you need to show the DMV before you can get your license back after a DUI suspension.

Getting your license suspended for DUI is hard enough. But even when you’ve completed the suspension, you don’t automatically get it back. You have to re-apply for the license and show proof that you completed certain conditions. One of the most expensive of those conditions is known as form SR-22.

The SR-22 is essentially just proof of insurance. All California drivers are required to have car insurance, so the DMV is careful not to re-issue a license unless you have proof that you have it. But the SR-22 is different from normal car insurance. It also shows that your insurance company knows you had a DUI. It’s a special insurance form issued to drivers who have had serious infractions like drunk driving, to make it clear that everyone involved—the insurer and the DMV—has done their due diligence.

Unfortunately, it’s also very costly. The only way to get the SR-22 is to tell your insurance company that you had a DUI. And once they know that, they will raise your rates. In some cases they may simply cancel your insurance altogether, and you’ll have to find another insurance company. Either way, this means that:

  • Your insurance premiums will be higher
  • You no longer qualify for good driver discounts

You can learn more about insurance after a DUI here, or the steps for getting your license back here.

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