Suspected Drunk Driver Hits Motorcycle From Behind, Kills Rider

California is a state that allows for enhancements to be added to DUI charges. Rather than additional charges, these are added to the DUI charge, resulting in stiffer penalties. Some DUI enhancement charges include excessive blood alcohol level, if a person’s blood alcohol is .15% or greater, having a minor in the vehicle, and reckless driving. Another DUI enhancement that can be added to a DUI charge is a speeding enhancement. It can be added to a DUI if a person is suspected to have been driving while intoxicated and traveling at a speed of greater than 30 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit.

NBC San Diego reports that Interstate 15 was closed after a speeding driver suspected of DUI crashed into a motorcycle, killing its driver.

At around 4:15 a.m. on Saturday, according to the California Highway Patrol, a motorcyclist was riding his Harley Davidson northbound on Highway 15 just south of Mission Road.

An unidentified 24-year-old man was also driving northbound on Highway 15 in a Hyundai Sonata. According to the CHP, the driver of the Sonata was driving behind the motorcyclist at a significantly higher speed.

He did not see the motorcyclist, hitting him from behind. The impact ejected the motorcyclist, throwing him to the pavement. The driver of the Hyundai then ran over the motorcyclist.

Police have been unable to identify the motorcyclist due to the significance of his injuries.

Officers performed a sobriety test on the driver of the Hyundai, which he failed. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

CHP said that the crash scattered debris all over the roadway, necessitating the closure of the interstate. All lanes reopened just before 10:00 a.m.


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