Ninth DUI in Six Years Forces State to Act

Alcohol is something people turn to when they have a major trauma in their life. But drinking away pain is a good way to end up with an alcohol addiction. Combine that with driving and you may end up like the person in this story from the Mercury News.

A man has managed to rack up nine DUIs in under six years. Despite clemency from the courts given his situation, now they are going to go for the maximum sentence. The trigger for the string of drunk driving charges was a divorce.

Five of those DUIs has to be resolved all at once. The man was getting arrested for DUI while his cases were still pending according to his defense lawyer. He spent a year in jail and was ordered to get treatment while on probation. The judge said that the Placienta business owner would be better served with this punishment rather than staying in jail where no help would be given.

Nevertheless, he continued getting into trouble. He started turning to other drugs. He got kicked out of a sober-living home. He kept racking up deferred jail time while the state hoped he would clean up his act. Unfortunately, he has run out of chances.

The more DUIs you have, the harder it will be to avoid punishment. But nine DUIs in such a short time is a sure way to see the worst that the state can throw at you according to law. Hopefully, a long stint in jail will sober him up.

If you have been charged with DUI, whether your first or your fourth, you need to have a DUI lawyer on your side. Los Angeles residents, call the number on your screen to get DUI representation as soon as possible if you’ve been arrested. We can help.

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