Marin County DUI Probation Checks Yield 2 Arrests reports that the Marin County Probation Department made a sweep of DUI offenders on probation last week, finding two who were under the influence of alcohol.

County officials said in a statement that the checks involving five teams who search the homes of 24 previous offenders to verify compliance with their probation were unannounced.  During the sweeps, deputies complete searches, check interlock ignition devices and conduct breathalyzer tests.

Out of the 24, two people had recently consumed alcohol in violation of a court order.  Marin County authorities told reporters that both offenders now have pending sanctions and have been transported to a detox facility for treatment.

A probation officer ultimately has the discretion of deciding whether to revoke probation and apply additional penalties to a DUI offender under their supervision.

The penalties for a DUI probation violation can result in:

  • Extension of the supervision period
  • Further License suspension or revocation
  • Additional fines and restitution applied
  • Random drug and/or alcohol testing
  • Required attendance of AA meetings
  • Additional jail or prison time

Even after a single DUI conviction, following the rules that the court sets out is always the best course of action.

Funding for the Probation Department’s compliance checks comes through a state grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety set aside to supervise high-risk DUI offenders. 

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