Former Drug Counselor Accused in DUI Crash

Traffic can be a pain, especially when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere or you might be running a little late. However, trying things to get around traffic might not be your best bet – jumping on the sidewalk, driving on the shoulder, and trying to squeeze between cars are typically bad ideas in general. They might be more tempting, however, to someone who is intoxicated. The Daily Breeze reports on a former drug counselor who crashed into a patrol car while allegedly driving under the influence.

Last Wednesday, 59-year-old Steven Anthony Keith was arrested on suspicion of DUI alcohol or drugs. The arrest came after an incident where Keith tried to squeeze through cars in front of him while in traffic. One of the cars happened to be a Torrance patrol vehicle, which Keith struck, along with another vehicle. That vehicle had earlier called the police for help.

No one was injured in the crash.

According to Keith’s LinkedIn profile, he was working at Twin Town Treatment Centers as a drug counselor since 2015. However, it was revealed that Keith had been terminated back in April.

This is not Keith’s first brush with the law. He had numerous appearances in Los Angeles County Superior Court beginning in the early 1990s. Charges included petty theft, possession of controlled substances, and burglary.

Keith has also used several aliases and was sentenced to two years in federal prison for identity theft. He attempted to use the identity of a child who died in a house fire to apply for and obtain a passport.

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