DUI Driver Arrested in Colma After Performing Doughnuts Near Police Station

Young people often try daredevil stunts as a rite of passage. According to a recent story appearing on the Hoodline website, a San Francisco man has been arrested on suspicion of DUI after he performed a series of “doughnuts” in a parking lot earlier this week. 

Authorities say that the incident took place on Monday night in the 1200 block of El Camino Real near Serramonte Boulevard.  

Because the parking lot was near the Colma Police Station, his daring feats did not go unnoticed. Officers heard the squealing of tires and were able to see the driver’s antics from a balcony at the police station.

Police officers noticed the driver and his hijinks and began approaching the vehicle. Noticing the officers, the suspect driver attempted and failed to move over to the passenger seat of the car. In a desperate effort, the driver also discarded an open bottle of beer that had been inside the vehicle with him. 

There were tire marks all over the parking lot, and the driver smelled distinctly of alcohol. When questioned by officers, the 28-year-old man admitted to his antics.  He was arrested on suspicion of DUI and reckless driving.

Police impounded the suspect vehicle while the unidentified driver was cited and later released from jail. Officials say that he is expected to be checked into a detox facility.

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