Another Pedestrian Death Possibly Linked to DUI

Today we have another unfortunate pedestrian death case caused by a speeding driver. Police believe he may have been DUI. The incident happened in Maywood and was reported by ABC 7.

Two pedestrians were talking with a code enforcement officer that was in his vehicle. They were near 59th Street and Heliotrope Avenue. A car speeding at least 50 MPH crashed into a parked car, then crashed into the two pedestrians. One was killed and the other was injured. The driver then hit several other parked vehicles before trying to run away on foot.

The code officer was able to get out of his vehicle and tackle the driver until the police could come and make an arrest.

This driver is in a very serious situation. Multiple witnesses, a trail of carnage, and a death. This alone would be bad enough, but adding DUI on top is worse. When people are charged with DUI along with other charges it makes it much more likely they’ll get convicted on the extra charges and get a heavier penalty.

There may be nothing you can do to fight off the heavier charges, but if you get an experienced lawyer on your side there is a chance. If you’ve been charged with DUI, even if there are other charges with it, contact our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys today for a free consultation. We’re here to help.

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