An Intoxicated Driver Crashed Two Different Cars Into A House

Most of the time, a DUI charge will only involve the charge of driving while intoxicated in California. However, there are times when other criminal charges may apply. When this happens, the driver will face the DUI charge as well as the other charges. This can exponentially increase fines, fees, license suspension time, and even jail time. When an accident is involved, the driver may find themselves facing additional DUI causing injury charges. If the accident involved someone’s death, they may face murder or manslaughter charges in addition to the DUI charge. However, some charges may be dropped as a part of a plea agreement. 

The East Bay Times reports that an allegedly intoxicated driver crashed into a house twice by driving two different vehicles. 

The incident occurred at about 2:45 a.m. on April 16th on Idylberry Road in Lucas Valley. 

37-year-old Juan Carlos Torres of San Francisco was driving a Mustang that crashed through a fence and then into the garage on the property. The homeowner came out of the home and took the keys from the “extremely intoxicated” Torres. He then went back inside to contact authorities. 

While the homeowner was inside, Torres found the keys to a Toyota and attempted to flee the scene. He placed the car into drive instead of reverse and hit the garage once more. The resident attempted to take the second set of keys from Torres. Torres then slapped him several times. 

Sheriff deputies were able to detain the suspect inside the garage. He was arrested by the CHP on charges of DUI, battery, and vehicle theft. 

Torres was taken to a hospital for treatment.

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