Actor Christopher “Shooter” MGavin Arrested For DUI

An actor can star in hundreds of films and yet be known for only one that makes them a household name. Unfortunately, in much the same way, it only takes one incident for that celebrity to have their names in the news again, but for less-than-savory purposes. Being in the limelight isn’t easy, and if you decide to drink and drive and get caught, you can be fairly well assured that your name will make the news. Golf Digest reports on the arrest of the legendary Shooter McGavin.

With nearly 200 credits to his name, Christopher McDonald is a well-versed character actor who has played supporting and bit roles in many moves. Yet, audiences remember him most for his role as Shooter McGavin in the iconic, yet unrealistic, Adam Sandler golf flick “Happy Gilmore.”

The Saturday before Halloween, October 28th, McDonald was arrested for suspected DUI in the Lake Arrowhead area of Los Angeles. Reportedly, the 62-year-old actor lost control of his Porsche. The vehicle then crashed into a gas meter at around 9 p.m. As cops took him into custody, a witness reported that McDonald told the cops that he was in “Happy Gilmore.”

Not to be swayed by the actor’s accomplishment, L.A.’s finest took McDonald into custody. He was allowed to sober up before being released without bail. This isn’t McDonald’s first brush with the long arm of the law. He was arrested back in 2013, also on charges of driving under the influence.

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