8-Year-Old Girl Dies Days After DUI Motorist Kills Her Mother

According to a report appearing on the KTLA website, an 8-year-old girl tragically succumbed to the injuries she suffered while waiting with her mother at a bus stop on Thanksgiving Day.

In a statement, the Los Angeles Police Department said that the fatal crash happened in the 1700 block of West 83rd Street Manchester Square Neighborhood at approximately 1:30 p.m. while a mother and her young daughter were waiting to pick up a gift for a visiting relative.

Investigators say that one vehicle was leaving the private parking lot of a liquor store when it was struck by a second vehicle. The force of the impact sent the first vehicle into a group of pedestrians who were standing at or near the bus stop. 

Paramedics rushed the mother and her young daughter to an area hospital for treatment. Despite all life-saving efforts made by doctors, the mother died shortly after she arrived at the hospital. Her daughter also suffered life-threatening injuries. Sadly, however, authorities announced that the little girl died on Tuesday.

At least one of the two drivers involved is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of the crash. However, as of Tuesday, no arrests have been made.

The LAPD said that one or both of the drivers could be facing gross vehicular manslaughter or even murder charges. Law enforcement officials say that formal charges are coming soon. 

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