SCRAM Device

A SCRAM bracelet is a device worn on your ankle which can sense when you have alcohol in your system. It’s used to enforce sobriety as part of a DUI sentence.

Courts now use a variety of devices to enforce DUI sentences. One of the most dramatic is the SCRAM bracelet. A SCRAM is a device you wear 24 hours a day which can tell when you have alcohol in your system. It’s used to enforce no-drinking orders as part of DUI probation. Often, this is an alternative to going to jail.

SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. It’s not usually used in first-time DUI cases. The court prefers to start with voluntary compliance programs such as alcohol treatment. You will usually only be ordered to wear a SCRAM if these other measures have failed.

SCRAM devices are usually ordered for defendants who:

  • Are on their third or fourth DUI
  • Have a history of severe alcoholism
  • Have not succeeded in previous alcohol treatment programs
  • Managed to get a DUI despite having an ignition interlock device in their vehicle

When you are ordered to wear a SCRAM, you will wear it night and day, even in the shower. It can sense even small amounts of alcohol in your system because some of the alcohol is emitted in your sweat. It can also sense attempts to tamper with it. If you drink or tamper with the device, you will be brought back to court and likely sent to jail.

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