Property Damage in a DUI Case

If your DUI caused property damage of any kind, you could be ordered to repay the victim for the damages.

Since many DUIs involve car accidents, it’s not uncommon for property damage to be involved in a case. Property damage can include damage to one or more cars, but it can also be many other things. There are DUI cases that involve damage to a fence, mailbox, landscaping, or even to a home or business. Anytime something is damaged by a DUI, and there is a cost involved in fixing or replacing it, it counts as property damage.

Unlike injuries, DUI law does not give specific criminal penalties for causing property damage. The penalties are the same whether you cause damage or not. However, you could still end up paying for the damages, and they can complicate your case in several ways:

  • If the property damage was extensive, the prosecutor may ask the judge to be strict in sentencing, even though the charge is no different than a normal DUI.
  • If you are convicted you will be ordered to pay restitution. This is money to cover the full cost of damages.
  • You could also face a DUI lawsuit over the cost of the damages.

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