Employment and DUI

A DUI conviction could cause you to be fired from your job, and could affect future job searches.

The DUI penalties that most people fear most are the criminal consequences—things like jail, license suspension, and massive fines. It’s not till later that most drivers realize a DUI may have wider effects as well. A DUI is a criminal offense and as such, it can affect your career.

Employers are allowed to consider criminal record when choosing who to employ. It’s not considered discrimination—it’s their legal right. Unfortunately, that means that some people with a DUI on their record will find themselves facing a difficult job search or even losing their existing job.

There are several ways this can happen:

  • A potential employer asks about your criminal record when you apply for a job. When they discover you have a DUI, they decide to go with a different candidate.
  • Your current employer decides to perform background checks on all employees. They discover your DUI and decide to terminate you.
  • Your job requires you to drive, and you cannot because your license is suspended for DUI. Your employer is within their rights to fire you.

You can deal with this by either explaining the circumstances to the employer, or by getting your DUI expunged.

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