Expungement/Expunction of a DUI

If your DUI is expunged, it no longer shows up on many background checks and it cannot be held against you by an employer.

A DUI can haunt you for years. It can affect employment, school admissions, financial aid, and professional licenses. However, it is possible to get a DUI removed from your criminal record. This process is known as expungement or expunction.

Getting a DUI expunged does not mean it disappears completely. But it does disappear from most criminal background checks. Even better, the law says that an employer cannot hold an expunged DUI against you. They cannot use it as the basis of not hiring you, or of firing you.

You have to meet several conditions to get your DUI expunged:

  • You completed all penalties, such as serving jail time, paying fines, finishing DUI school, etc.
  • You completed your 3-5 year probation period.
  • You are not facing any other criminal charges, or serving any other sentences.

If you meet these conditions, you should ask a DUI lawyer to help you file your expunction. Once it is approved, the DUI will be “sealed” for most purposes, making it almost as if it never happened. (It will still appear on your driver record, but will disappear after 10 years from the date of arrest.) An expunged DUI still counts as a prior offense if you are arrested for a new DUI.

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