Professional Licenses and DUI

A DUI conviction could cause you to lose your professional license as a nurse, doctor, lawyer, realtor or in other fields.

Many people think that the consequences of DUI end when the criminal sentence is served. Unfortunately that is not the case. A DUI can haunt a person for years—and if you hold a license for some form of skilled profession, it could derail your career.

Not all jobs require a professional license. But those that involve particularly skilled or sensitive work do, as well as those that require a sense of dignity and gravitas. This is why some professional licensing bodies will discipline a member who is convicted of DUI. In some cases, the person could even lose their license and their ability to practice their chosen profession.

Some of the professions may be affected are:

  • Nurses and Doctors. Anyone in the healing professions is likely to face scrutiny over a DUI. California courts have determined that a single DUI can count as unprofessional conduct, and many professional organizations view it as a conflict with a nurse or doctor’s duty to do no harm. One DUI may be enough to cost you your license.
  • The California Bar has the right to discipline members for ethical breaches such as DUI. A first time DUI may bring a simple warning or lesser disciplinary action.
  • Real estate agents. California’s Department of Real Estate views DUI as a reflection on your good judgment and your moral character, and may take disciplinary action or even revoke your license.
  • Locksmiths. Locksmiths generally have to maintain a very clean criminal record, because they are trusted with access to people’s homes and businesses. Even though a DUI does not imply dishonesty, it can cost you your license.

The best way to protect your career is to not be found guilty in the first place. If you already have been, it can help to get your DUI expunged.

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