Dropped Charge in a DUI Case

When a charge is dropped, it means the prosecutor no longer wishes to pursue the case, and you are free to go.

It’s rare for a prosecutor to do anything in your favor. If you have been arrested for DUI in California, the prosecutor is actively working against you and is your adversary. But rarely, they may decide to do the one thing in their power that truly frees you from the criminal system. They may drop the charges.

When police arrest you for a crime, it’s the prosecutor who decides exactly what charges you face. California has several different DUI laws, often with separate felony and misdemeanor versions, and the prosecutor chooses which one they think is most appropriate in your case. Usually, they choose the most serious charge that they believe they could potentially prove you guilty of.

But prosecutors can also choose lesser charges—or that you shouldn’t face any charge at all. They do this mainly when they don’t believe they have enough evidence to convict you. Every prosecutor has a busy schedule with many cases to pursue, and they don’t like to waste time with cases that they can’t win.

Even then, a prosecutor may not drop your case. They may try to push you to plead guilty or take a deal, hoping to get you to convict yourself despite the lack of evidence. Prosecutors are far more likely to drop your case—or consider downgrading the charges—if you have a good DUI lawyer working on your behalf.

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