Prosecutor in a DUI Case

The prosecutor is the attorney who tries to convict you when you are on trial for DUI.

If you are arrested for DUI in California, there will be two main attorneys involved in your case: your own DUI lawyer who defends you, and the prosecutor working against you. The prosecutor’s job is to do anything and everything allowed by the court to make sure you are convicted. In adversarial terms, they are the “enemy.”

You should know three things about the prosecutor:

  • Many prosecutors are young lawyers still building up their career. If you have a highly experienced DUI lawyer, you may have an advantage.
  • Prosecutors have limited time and resources. They need to finish up with your case as quickly as possible. It’s rare that they want a long court battle.
  • The prosecutor is never your friend, even if they act like it.

This last point is particularly important. Sooner or later the prosecutor will come to you and offer you a “deal.” They want you to plead guilty, and they will act like your friend to get it. They may say this is a generous offer, and that they’re trying to help you—they are not. Alternately, they may get very intimidating and tell you this is your only way out.

Ignore these threats and speak with your own DUI lawyer. In most cases, a good lawyer can get you a better result than what the prosecutor first offered.

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