Conditional Driver’s License for California DUI

A conditional license or “restricted” license allows you to drive to certain important obligations, like work, even if your drivers license has been suspended for DUI.

Every state’s DUI laws are slightly different, and each state has its own rules for how it issues and revokes drivers licenses. Most states (including California) have a mandatory license suspension for anyone convicted of DUI, but some states allow you to drive to work, or certain other obligations, even during your license suspension—if you apply for and receive permission to do so. However, the way each state handled this process is different.

A “conditional” drivers license is one term for these temporary driving privileges. We don’t generally use this term in California, but in some states—like New York—it’s the standard. In California, we call it a restricted drivers license.

You may be eligible for a restricted license on a first, second, or third time DUI:

  • First DUI: You will typically have to wait out a 30-day “hard suspension” before you can apply for a restricted drivers license
  • Second DUI: You must serve a 3-month hard suspension
  • Third DUI: You must serve a 2-year hard suspension

However, your hard suspension will be at least 1 year if you refused the blood or breath test, and you will still need to apply for the restricted license before you can drive. If this is your fourth DUI (or more) in 10 years, you cannot get a restricted license.

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