Restricted Driver’s License

If you are convicted of DUI you may be able to get a restricted driver’s license that allows you to drive to and from work.

Losing your driver’s license is one of the most painful parts of a DUI sentence. For many people, it means difficulty getting to and from work, going to school, meeting family obligations, or even simply buying food. But you may have an option to get some limited driving privileges back. This is known as a restricted driver’s license.

In California, most (but not all) DUI drivers are eligible for a restricted license almost immediately after sentencing. If you lose your DMV hearing or didn’t request one, you will have to wait 30 day before you apply. This 30 day period is a “hard suspension” which means no driving at all.

Once your hard suspension is over, you can apply. A restricted license will generally allow you to drive for only very specific purposes:

There are some circumstances where you are not eligible for a restricted license or where the hard suspension period is much longer. You can find a complete breakdown here: Can I get a license to go to and from work during a license suspension for a DUI or refusal?

You can also find complete instructions for how to apply.

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