Woman Accused in DUI Crash that Killed Newlywed Bride Denied Bond

KTLA reports that the woman accused of hitting and killing a newlywed bride and catastrophically injuring the groom while under the influence of alcohol in April has been denied bond by a South Carolina judge.

Jamie Komoroski was charged with reckless homicide, resulting in death, and three counts of felony DUI. 

A police investigation showed that on the night of April 28, Komoroski’s vehicle collided with a golf cart carrying the wedding party. The crash killed the bride and severely injured three others on the golf cart. One of those severely injured in the collision was the groom. 

After serving several months in jail, Judge Michael Nettles denied the bail that Komoroski sought at a Tuesday, August 1 hearing.

Judge Nettles did allow, however, that if the matter had not been brought to trial by the spring of 2024, Komoroski’s bond would be set at $150,000 with house arrest requirements. Judge Nettle also added that other standards would have to be met by Komoroski before bond would be granted.

The victim’s sister spoke at the hearing and told the court, “I spoke at the first bond hearing 12 hours after the defendant killed my sister, and it’s just as hard to stand here today only three months later,” she said.

Komoroski’s attorney and family members also said that since the defendant had zero criminal history, the denial of bond was harsh. 

After the hearing, the victim’s mother said that while she empathized with Komoroski’s family, the defendant needed to remain behind bars.

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