Underage DUI Suspect Tries To Flee On Foot

California takes DUI very seriously, particularly underage DUI. California law has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to underage drinking and driving. What this means is that at even a low BAC of .01%, an underage person can lose their driver’s license for one year. They will not face criminal charges until a blood-alcohol level of .05% and at that point, they can face jail time, license suspension, as well as having to attend and pay for a three-month DUI course. One the blood-alcohol level gets up to the limit for adults 21 and over, serious penalties will apply. Being involved in an accident can add additional charges.

The Modesto Bee reports on an underage DUI suspect who crashed into several cars and a building before trying to flee on foot. On Friday night, 20-year-old Jamestown resident Addam Smith was allegedly driving a Cadillac at a high speed along Main Street from Humbug Street. Shortly after 9 p.m., Smith allegedly swerved onto a sidewalk, where he sideswiped a Honda Accord. He then hit the support for a deck, causing it to fall onto the Honda.

This caused the Honda to lurch forward, where it hit a Subaru Ascend, which was also damaged by the falling deck. Smith then continued driving on the sidewalk, heading past the Jamestown Community Center. He then struck the supports for the awning of the Service Station restaurant and bar. He swerved once more and struck a Jeep Liberty before coming to a stop.

Smith then attempted to flee the scene on foot but was tackled and detained by Good Samaritans, including an off-duty deputy.

According to authorities, Smith caused significant damage to the downtown area, including downed power lines and streetlamps. Smith actively fought CHP officers as they attempted to arrest him, so they were assisted by county deputies. Hours later, during the booking process, Smith’s BAC was alleged to be .08%. He is being charged with DUI as well as several other charges.

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