Underage DUI Motorist Facing 17 Counts for High-Speed Reckless Driving

CBS affiliate 8 News Now reports a 20-year-old man is facing 17 counts after leading officers with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department on three separate chases throughout Las Vegas on Friday night.

Authorities say that Noah Kennedy, 20, was taken into custody at a family home just before midnight on Friday, August 18, after evading offices on three separate chases, sometimes reaching speeds of up to 90 miles per hour through residential areas.

The incident began when a Las Vegas Metro police officer conducting surveillance spotted a purple Dodge Charger with no license plate. According to the statement released by the LVMPD, the car matched a description of a vehicle that had fled from a fellow officer two weeks previously. The officer noted the Charger being driven erratically.

Another officer attempted to stop Kennedy, who managed to evade them by blowing through a stop sign and driving at an estimated speed of 90 miles per hour. Police called off the pursuit due for potential danger to the public from wet pavement and poorly lit areas.

Two additional times, LVMPD officers attempted to pull over Kennedy, but pursuits were called off due to the “extreme danger” of traveling at high speed through residential areas.  

LVMPD officers stopped at a home where Kennedy’s vehicle had been previously spotted. A family member urged the suspect to come home where the police were waiting.

According to the police report, Kennedy displayed several signs indicating intoxication, such as droopy eyes, slow speech, and lethargy. Officers conducted field sobriety tests, but Kennedy would not agree to a blood test until a judge issued a warrant.

Kennedy is now facing one count of DUI, three counts of disobeying an officer and endangering others, four counts of disregard for person and property, four counts of reckless driving and disregard for persons and property, three counts of excessive speeds of more than 31 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, one count of license plates improperly displayed, and one count of no proof of insurance.

Kennedy was taken into custody and later released on bail. He is due to appear in court in December.

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