Strange DUI Arrest in South Florida


Occasionally, there is a report of a person being charged with DUI that just makes one pause and blink. DUIs may be routine, but sometimes, one comes along that is not exactly your run-of-the-mill DUI. A case in Florida might prove to be just that.

In southwest Florida, a man was arrested for speeding and DUI. He had been traveling down Alligator Alley at the time of the arrest.

The incident occurred over the weekend near Naples, Florida.

Witnesses began calling to report a vehicle driving recklessly along the roadway, sometimes veering off the road. A few moments later, a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, caught sight of the vehicle. His radar showed the car traveling at 110 m.p.h.

Noe DeJesus , age 33 pulled over by the trooper. The trooper noticed a heavy smell of alcohol on DeJesus. Further investigation revealed that DeJesus was entirely naked. He had three female passengers with him at the time.

The arrest report stated that there was an open 12-pack of Corona in the middle of the front seat. DeJesus’s words were slurred, his eyes bloodshot, and he stumbled and fell while getting out of the vehicle. The report also mentioned a near empty bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey and several empty beer bottles in the vehicle.

DeJesus was arrested and charged with DUI as well as driving without a valid license. He posted bond and was released. It is unknown if he has an attorney.

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