Sobriety Products Misleading Drivers

For those who have ever tried to put a stop to their buzz and sober up, there are the traditional methods: a cup of coffee, a cold shower, and even sometimes food.  While nothing can actually sober a person other than time, there are products claiming to do so.  One product claims it can sober a person up quickly.

Driving the New Jersey Turnpike makes it nearly impossible to miss a towering billboard making such a claim.  “Never drink and drive.  Have a Sober in 5.  Sober up immediately.”

Medical experts have found no magic pill to turn someone from drunk to sober on the spot.

Dr. Alexandra Sowa, an internist and a clinical instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College definitively states, “You really just need to give your body time.”

Advertisements for Sober in 5 and similar products would have people believe otherwise, making for a possibly dangerous situation.  

Peter Mitlo’s Scotch Plains, New Jersey company is the developer and manufacturer of Sober in 5.  

Mitlo claims that the product hydrates a person, thereby helping to sober them up.  The product’s spokesperson, Rocky Boggs, added that the active ingredient in the product is DHM, which helps the body to metabolize alcohol and flushes out the liver.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a Chinese herb that has been shown to slow intoxication in rats in a study conducted by the University of California Los Angeles.

Dr. Sowa, however, says that there’s no evidence that DHM can help humans to sober up faster.  She goes on to reiterate that before such claims could be made well-controlled studies would need to be replicated.

A product suggesting it can rid a person of a buzz may provide a sense of security that is not rooted in reality.  

Mitlo stands by the fact that the first thing on the product’s label is “Don’t drink and drive.”

He said that the product is meant to ease hangovers and does not affect blood-alcohol levels.  In addition, because the product is a supplement and not a medication, the company is not required to conduct clinical trials.

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