School Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

School Bus

There are people that you do not want to be accused of DUI. Police officers and firefighters while on duty are an example. A bus driver would be another example of a person you wouldn’t want charged with DUI.

In Napa, California, a school bus driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The driver was taking 28 students home at the time of arrest.

Police responded to calls of a school bus blocking the roadway at about 3:45 pm on Friday. Upon arrival, officers state that the driver showed signs of intoxication. The incident occurred at Old Sonoma Road South near Buhman Road.

The driver of the bus, Jaquida Parker, age 24, is facing charges of driving under the influence. Parker failed field sobriety tests. She is also facing 28 counts of child endangerment. It appears that Parker was attempting to turn the bus around and became stuck.

No students were injured in the incident. The report did not state how the students were taken home.

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