Police Chase Leads To Six Felony Charges Filed For Person Who Just Left Prison

When a person has maybe had too much to drink and gets behind the wheel, they may feel tempted to flee if they see a police officer trying to pull them over. This is a bad idea any time, and especially so when under the influence. Not only will the person be charged with a DUI, they could also be charged with reckless evading a police officer. This charge can be a felony or a misdemeanor. If charged as a misdemeanor, the person can be looking at six months to one year in county jail. If charged as a felony, the person could be looking at a up to three years in state prison. 

ABC 30 reports that Obdulia Sanchez has been arrested and is facing six new felony charges less than a month after being released from prison. 

Last Monday, Obdulia Sanchez stood before a judge again in the San Joaquin County Courthouse. 

Police say that twenty-six days after she was released early from a six-year prison sentence, she led them on a pursuit. 

Stockton Police say that they attempted to execute a traffic stop on Sanchez for violations they observed. Instead of pulling over, Sanchez attempted to evade the police. While attempting to evade, she ran two stop signs and one traffic light. 

Eventually, Sanchez ran off the road near Interstate 5. A male passenger bailed out of the car and fled on foot. He remains at large. 

Sanchez was driving on a revoked driver’s license and police discovered a loaded firearm in the vehicle. Sanchez is facing numerous felony charges, including evading arrest and being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

In 2017, Sanchez was driving while intoxicated and ran off the road. Her 14-year-old sister was ejected from the vehicle and died. Sanchez live-streamed the aftermath of the accident. She was sentenced to six years in prison but was released early after getting credit for time served and completing rehabilitation programs. 

Bail for Sanchez was set at $300,000. She is scheduled to appear in court again on November 6th.

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