No Prosecutor, Caffeine Highs are not DUI

A few days ago, we wrote about a person who got charged with DUI without having any alcohol or illegal drugs in their system. Instead, the prosecution tried to convict them on DUI for having too much caffeine. Happily for coffee drinkers everywhere, the charges have now been dropped.

It’s quite a relief for the man who had been fighting his charges for 18 months. The prosecutor as late as Tuesday was defending the charges despite all of the drug tests coming back negative. But on Wednesday, the Solano County district attorney dropped the charges, saying there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed beyond a reasonable doubt. However, he still thinks there was some sort of drug in the defendant’s system that made him drive erratically that the drug tests didn’t pick up.

Experts do say that DUI testing doesn’t normally test for some specialty drugs like steroids or bath salts. They would need specific evidence that these substances were being used before they could test for them under the current laws.

The man arrested is relieved that the charges are dropped, and told reporters that he was worried that no one would believe him. Even just the implication that you’ve been caught for DUI, innocent or not, can cause a lot of damage to someone’s reputation. Thankfully, the unusual charge of DUI while on caffeine caught so much attention that it will be easy to disprove the claim.

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