New Bill Helps Vets Charged With DUI

A California Senate bill just received unanimous support that would affect future DUI cases for veterans. Senate Bill 725 would allow veterans to get diverted into a treatment program rather than being charged with misdemeanor DUIs. It’s an expansion of a current military diversion program. NBC Los Angeles reported on the story.

Some veterans turn to alcohol after their service to deal with the stress, which can lead to unfortunate DUI situations. The bill would give veterans the chance to deal with their problems rather than making them worse by putting them through court, jail, probation, and all of the other stressors.

However, there are critics. Some prosecutors want to limit the number of times a veteran can access the program. Other want to see an avenue for restitution of DUI victims by veterans who are put into the program.

The bill could be put up to a full vote of the Assembly sometime this week.

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