Never Skip your Court Date

We’re talking about today’s DUI story from the Fresno Bee because it demonstrates something you should never do when you’re called to the court. Never skip your trial date. It will only land you in more hot water with the legal system.

The authorities say that the man who skipped court was involved in a double manslaughter case. The crash happened on Highway 99 in 2015. He was also charged with DUI. Two other vehicles were caught up in the incident. The report says that the driver went off the highway and landed on top of the vehicle where the two people were killed.

The driver was free on $100,000 bail but failed to show up for a hearing on February 10th. Now a $200,000 warrant has been put out for his arrest.

Always go to your court dates. At the very least, tell your lawyer why you can’t show up to court. You may also have to call the court clerk to let them know what is going on. The court may not be happy, but at least you’ll have representation during the hearing and an excuse for the court. You may also need to gather documentation to prove to the court that your excuse was valid.

This is yet another reason why having an experienced lawyer on your side is crucial. If you live in the Los Angeles region and you need DUI representation, call the number on your screen today. We can represent you in court and will work hard to defend you from the charges. But we can’t help you unless you call us. Don’t wait.

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