More Details on Tiger Woods’ DUI Arrest, No Alcohol Detected

More information has come out on the high-profile arrest of Tiger Woods for a second DUI. We recently discussed this story, but the National Post has revealed more details.

Officers found Woods asleep at the wheel of his vehicle with the brake lights and turn signals on. He was “sluggish” and had difficulty understanding officer commands. He kept changing his story about where he was coming from and seemed to not know which direction his house was.

He was asked to take a breathalyzer test, which came back completely clean. However, he did tell police that he was on several prescription medications for a recent back surgery. Toxicology tests have not come back to confirm Woods’ story.

Woods has released a statement saying that the had an unexpected reaction to the mix of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication he was taking and apologized. He has been charged with DUI and related moving charges.

Prescription drugs can impair you just as badly as alcohol. You should do your best to try new prescription medications, especially painkillers and muscle relaxers, in the safety of your home to see how you react to them before getting on the road. DUI by prescription medication is still DUI.

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