Man Receives Second Arrest for DUI Just 17 Minutes After First Arrest

MSN reports that a  man operating a farm vehicle in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was arrested on the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol a mere 17 minutes after being released from a previous DUI charge.

According to a statement released by the Pennsylvania State Police, 49-year-old Aaron Lantz was first taken into custody on September 16 by Pennsylvania State Police troopers after he attempted to flee from the scene after wrecking a 1974 International Harvester 4000 series tractor.

Lantz and the driver of a Toyota Rav 4 were stopped at a rural stop sign when he backed his vehicle into the small SUV. Lantz did not stop; however, the Toyota driver followed the farm vehicle, honking and attempting to get Lantz’s attention.

When State Police officers arrived at the scene, Lantz admitted that he had been drinking before getting behind the wheel. Lantz was arrested, booked, and then released.

Just 17 minutes after his release, however, Lantz was behind the wheel of his tractor on a public roadway. Pennsylvania State Police again placed Lantz under arrest.

The driver of the Toyota and a two-year-old child were uninjured, and their vehicle suffered minor damage in the incident.

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