LAPD Reports Massive Increase in DUI Incidents

CBS News reports that the Los Angeles Police Department released its 2023 end-of-year-crime report. While showing that homicides and violent crimes had decreased, for the first time in nearly a decade, there was a sharp increase in the number of traffic fatalities and incidents involving at least one intoxicated motorist.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore and Mayor Karen Bass made a joint statement on Wednesday, January 24 specifically noting the decrease in homicides in the past year; however, also made the public aware of the significantly increased number of traffic fatalities.

“As we confront 2024 head-on, we saw a significant increase in traffic fatalities, fatal it-and-runs, as well as fatal pedestrian and bike collisions,” Chief Moore told reporters.

This most recent report shows the number of crashes involving an impaired motorist was up by 32% and fatal hit-and-run crashes were up by 23% from 2022.

Chief Moore said that the LAPD is already taking action by increasing the number of uniformed and traffic officers around the Greater Los Angeles Area to curb the number of speed violations in communities that have seen the most increase. The department will also increase its efforts throughout 2024 to detect and prosecute drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence while impaired. 

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