LAPD Releases Information on High-Risk DUI Areas



Some areas of cities are more prone to DUIs than others. Consider this when you go out this weekend. An area that is concentrated with bars and clubs and universities during game weekend might have a higher rate of DUI than other areas of a city. However, some areas just have a higher number of DUIs despite not having many of these kinds of businesses.

A small area of Los Angeles known as Koreatown has become infamous for having one of the highest number of DUI arrests in Los Angeles. LAPD reported that this section of the city, with its center located near 8th Street and Western Avenue, has had a total of 126 DUI arrests so far this year. Coming in just slightly ahead of this area for the highest number of arrests was North Hollywood with 143 arrests. Other divisions reporting high rates of DUIs were Mission, Topanga, and Pacific.

This is a 10% rise in arrests over last year. The area is covered by LAPD’s Olympic Division. Thankfully, Koreatown saw only arrests for DUI and no accidents or deaths as a result of driving under the influence.

The area got its name after an influx of Korean immigrants in the 1960s. The immigrants found tolerance and rentals in the area and set up a number of businesses and homes. They have preserved many of the historic art deco style buildings in the area. The buildings continue to remain economically feasible for their businesses.

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