July Is The Worst Month For DUI

There are many times of year that are times of celebration and this means that instances of drunken driving rise. One of those times of year is the Thanksgiving holiday, which is ranked as one of the deadliest times of the year for DUI. Falling just under Thanksgiving is Christmas. Beneath Christmas is New Year’s Eve. Drunk driving accidents seem to increase on these holidays, especially if they fall over a weekend. However, KMPH reports that the most dangerous holiday in California is the Fourth of July.

According to the California Highway Patrol, last July Fourth, there were 73 people injured and 7 people killed in accidents statewide. Every one of the fatal crashes involved someone who was driving under the influence.

The California Department of Transportation says that a DUI conviction will result in license suspension for between four and twelve months. On top of that, a drunken driver could be required to spend some time in jail.

Then, there are the fees. In Fresno, the police say that after vehicle impound fines, fines related to the charges, attorney’s fees, and auto insurance premium increases, the average DUI can cost a person $13,500.

In April, a study was released revealing that Fresno ranked number 25 in cities with drivers who had DUIs on their record.

As people head out to celebrate Independence Day, police want to remind them that alcohol is not the only thing police will be looking for when it comes to impairment. Officers will also be looking for those who might be intoxicated by marijuana and prescription drugs.

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