How Does DUI Affect Insurance Rates?

You probably already know that getting arrested for DUI can lead to serious legal consequences. Getting arrested for DUI will affect your insurance rates as well. Business Insider reports on just how long getting pinged for a DUI in California can have you paying more and how you can save money.

First, you may not even be able to get insurance. Having a DUI on your record means that it will be difficult to qualify for certain policies. Insurance agencies can refuse to provide even the minimum liability coverage required by law.

If you’ve been convicted of DUI, you can expect to pay five times more than a driver who has never been convicted. You can expect the offense to raise your rates for at least five to seven years. It could last even longer than that, depending on severity and some insurance providers may raise rates well beyond the seven-year mark.

So, how can you lower these rates? One of the best thing you can do as a high-risk driver is to take and graduate defensive-driving courses. Insurance companies highly appreciate these courses and can lower your rates as much as 25%. Another way to gain the cheapest coverage is to compare rates from several different agencies.

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