Gold Spraypaint Gives Alleged Drunk Driver Away

Gold Spraypaint

No one would ever recommend driving while drunk. After all, it is a crime and you can seriously injure others and yourself. However, if one happened to drive while intoxicated, it would be good advice not to draw attention to yourself. You shouldn’t drive recklessly. And you probably shouldn’t be covered in gold spray paint.

This is just what the California Highway Patrol in Oakland came across last week. The incident occurred on the evening of Wednesday, March 23rd.

A 21-year old man covered in gold spray paint was arrested by the CHP under suspicion of driving under the influence. He is also suspected of hitting three cars.

An off-duty police officer witnessed the alleged act and began following the suspect. He followed the alleged drunken driver along the eastbound lanes of Highway 80 in Berkeley.

As other officers began responding to the incident, they received a description of the suspect as being “gold.” The description turned out to be spot on.

The driver finally came to a stop at the Central off ramp, where his wheel fell off of his vehicle.

The man told officers after being stopped that he was heading to a photo shoot.

His arraignment is tentatively scheduled for April 22nd.

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