Four Vehicle Crash Leads to DUI Charges

Car Accident - Rear end collission

Sometimes DUI suspects are caught before they can cause an accident. Other times, they are caught because they cause an accident. In Van Nuys, California over the weekend, six people were injured during a crash. The crash involved four separate vehicles on Sepulveda Boulevard. The accident occurred on Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses reported that the driver of the car had police cars following behind him. The driver was also reported to have been driving erratically. The authorities began following the vehicle after receiving reports of driving recklessly.

The police declined to call it a chase because of the heavy traffic occurring at the time of the accident. However, authorities stated that in spite of the heavy traffic at the time, the driver of a white car was traveling at speeds of 60

At some point, the driver attempted to pass cars by shifting into oncoming traffic. The driver then struck three cars. Six people, including the suspect, were transported to the hospital. All those who were injured are expected to be okay. There were no pedestrians involved.

The driver was charged with DUI. No names have been released by authorities.

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