Family Member Shows Up Drunk To Pick Up Another Drunk Driver’s Vehicle

The Sacramento Bee published a story from Washington state about a DUI incident in Bellevue. Here are the details.

Two family members were arrested on suspicion of driving drunk after one of them came to pick the other up. Last Thursday, police were responding to a car wreck and suspected that one of the drivers was intoxicated.

They found probable cause for DUI and arrested the driver, then called a relative of the driver to come pick up the car from the crash scene. Amazingly, according to the report, that relative also showed signs of impairment and alcohol consumption.

After contacting a third family member, the suspects were released to sober people, and the vehicles were removed. Charges are likely to be filed soon.

Many people drink alcohol because of the funny situations that can happen when drunk people get together. But when alcohol and cars are mixed, there’s nothing to laugh about. Both of these drivers could have been in far worse accidents. Imagine how it would be if the second allegedly drunk relative got in a wreck on the way.

Thankfully, no one seemed to be injured from the report. But now the family will have to face up to DUI charges, and possibly a culture of intoxication in the family.

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