Eight Injured in U-Haul Crash

U-Haul Truck

A DUI accusation is always serious. Depending on circumstances, charges can rapidly escalate, especially when injuries to other people are involved. Early Sunday morning, a suspected DUI driver that was driving a U-Haul truck crashed in Los Angeles. Eight people were reportedly injured in the crash, including several pedestrians. The crash occurred at approximately 1:40AM at the intersection of Spring Street and 7th Street downtown according to Los Angeles’ Fire Department.

The driver was identified as Michael Maurice Wilson. The U-Haul was reportedly driving the wrong way, traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The truck first collided with a parked car, then a motorcyclist, and finally, another moving sedan. At this point, the driver lost control of the truck and jumped a curve, plowing into several pedestrians before impacting a fire hydrant and a light pole.

Of the eight casualties, three were transported to a local hospital with critical injuries and five were said to have minor injuries. The driver allegedly admitted to having smoked marijuana before driving the truck. Investigators also reported having found cocaine inside the U-Haul truck as well. The driver was taken into custody at the scene and booked on felony DUI charges, police reported.

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