DUI Crash Leads to Daughter’s Death, Multiple Felony Convictions

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A DUI can turn tragic when an accident is involved. Many DUI accidents involve injuries to other motorists and can lead to fatalities. Even more tragic is when the DUI causes the death of the accused driver’s own family.

The mother of a daughter killed in a 2015 crash has been convicted of multiple felony counts including vehicular manslaughter and child abuse.

32-year-old Brandy Teague was behind the wheel of her Hyundai Elantra on April 4th, 2015 when she crashed into a telephone pole. Her daughter, Carlee Ramirez, was not properly buckled into her car seat.

The accident occurred on Broadway in El Cajon. El Cajon is located in East San Deigo County.

According to the report, Carlee’s lapbelt was in place. However, the shoulder belt was behind the booster seat at the time of the accident. Although emergency crews performed CRP on the child and rushed her to Rady Children’s Hospital, she died shortly after the crash. The cause of death was blunt force injuries to her head and a broken neck vertebrae.

During the preliminary hearing, an officer who responded to the scene testified. In police officer Jeremy Fisher’s testimony, he stated that he spoke to Teague’s son, Brandon, in the minutes after the crash. Brandon told the officer that his mother had been falling asleep at the wheel before the family arrived at a local fast food restaurant for dinner. He told his mother that they shouldn’t be driving.

This past Wednesday, a grand jury found Teague guilty of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence of drugs, three counts of child abuse and possession of methamphetamines. Teague will be sentenced on April 1st, where she could spend as much as 16 years and four months in prison.

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