DUI Crash Into A Home Leaves 1 Dead, Injures 2 Others

Authorities suspect a crash into a home in South Pasadena left one person dead and two others critically injured on Saturday, involving a motorist under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

According to a report on the KTLA website, the fatal crash happened at approximately 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 12, in the 300 block of Orange Grove near the intersection with Columbia Street when a driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed through the garage of a home.

Pasadena Police Department investigators say that three people occupied the northbound car and traveled approximately 100 miles per hour at an estimated speed. The male driver lost control and crashed through several trees, bushes, and signposts before hitting the garage door and two vehicles parked inside.

Video footage from the home security system showed that the force of impact was great enough that the outermost car parked inside the garage was sent up over and on top of the out-of-control vehicle. The three occupants of that car were left trapped inside their car.

The homeowner called 911 immediately after hearing the crash. Police, firefighters, and paramedics responded to the collision to extricate the three people. 

Despite all life-saving efforts, one of the passengers died at the scene. The driver and another passenger were rushed to an area hospital in critical condition. 

Toxicology reports later confirmed that the car’s driver was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Their identity was not released at the time of the report.

The homeowner and his family were asleep inside the house when the crash happened. No one inside the home was hurt in the incident.

Ironically, a sign in front of the damaged home reads, “Drive like your kids live here.” 

Police say that because the street connects Old Town to the 110 Freeway, there have been several high-speed and DUI crashes.

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