DUI Can Follow You Forever Thanks to the Net

When it comes to a Los Angeles area DUI, your name will most likely be reported in the newspaper and other news outlets as having been accused of operating a motor vehicle under the influence.  Let’s take a look at one of the cases from 2014.

A small boat owner ran his boat aground, and the charges for doing this were reported far and wide.  Internet sources from everywhere imaginable picked up the story about this bad news for the boat captain.  Unfortunately, the dismissal of most of the charges wasn’t mentioned as a follow-up.

As a result, the more serious charges are mentioned, but the fact that they were dismissed doesn’t enter into the picture.  The Internet has a memory for these stories, and now the stories that are still on the Internet are ruining the captain’s reputation, according to the attorney in the case.

The boat captain was, “portrayed in a false and highly offensive light,” according to the attorney on the case.

The boat captain hired the attorney to clean up the reputation and set the record straight.  He was instructed to inform readers that the court exonerated his client from most of the allegations.

The captain pleaded no contest to the minor infraction.

If you were accused of being under the influence, there are numerous ways to fight the allegations.  Give us a call, and we will strive to get you the best decision possible.  

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