Driver Runs Red Light, Kills One. DUI Suspected

In California, there are only a few ways that a felony can be charged as a DUI. It is usually a misdemeanor charge. However, for people facing their fourth DUI conviction, it can be charged as a felony. Anyone with a prior felony DUI will likely be facing felony DUI charges each time they are arrested for DUI. If the DUI involves an accident and people are injured, the DUI can become a felony, especially if the injuries are serious enough. If the accident involves a fatality, not only will the driver face felony DUI charges, but they could be facing murder or manslaughter charges as well. 

The Modesto Bee reports that a suspected DUI driver ran a traffic light in Riverbank, killing one and injuring two others. 

At around 10:30 pm on Friday, 30-year-old Joshua Sanders was observed by a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department helicopter driving a truck with front-end damage. 

Police had been looking for a vehicle in that area with front end damage after a hit-and-run had been reported in the area. The helicopter tracked the vehicle as it headed east towards Riverbank. 

The vehicle was observed moving at a high rate of speed on Patterson Road. At the intersection of Patterson and Oakdale Roads, Sanders ran a traffic light. He then struck two vehicles. 

One person was killed in the crash. Two other people were injured and transported to the hospital. Their identities have not been released. 

Sanders was arrested after Riverbank deputies noticed signs of alleged intoxication. He was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Jail on felony DUI charges.

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