Deputy Caught up in DUI Crash

Crashed police car

A DUI charge can have life-altering effects on both the perpetrator and the victims. When a DUI crash occurs, most people have to wait for the police to arrive to sort things out. However, sometimes police are involved in the crash itself.

In Victorville, California, a man from Adelanto was arrested on suspicion of DUI over the weekend.

The incident occurred on Saturday when Miguel Zambrano, 26, crashed into the vehicles of two sheriff’s deputies.

The deputies had been involved in a vehicle pursuit in Adelanto. The pursuit had ended east of Highway 395 on Mojave Drive. The two vehicles were at the scene to stop westbound traffic. They were blocking the intersection at Mojave Drive and Linda Street.

Zambrano, who was not involved in the pursuit, was traveling westbound on Mojave Drive. He then crashed into the two vehicles that were blocking the road at about 10 pm on Saturday.

One of the sheriff’s deputies suffered minor injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

Zambrano and an unnamed passenger suffered unknown injuries. They were also taken to the hospital. Zambrano was later arrested under suspicion of DUI. Whether Zambrano completed a field sobriety test or was given a breathalyzer was unknown.

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