Defendant Accused of both DUI and Murder in Fatal Crash

When there are more charges than just DUI in an arrest, the chances of eliminating the DUI charge go down fast. One of the most difficult situations is when charges like vehicular manslaughter are added. But one DA is pushing for a murder charge in a DUI case.

The man is accused of crashing into an Uber driver while DUI and fleeing from the scene. Police say he was driving at a high rate of speed through a red light at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Arlington Avenue. He struck the driver and then continued on. The Uber driver was killed at the scene.

If convicted, the man faced 26 years in prison minimum. Prosecutors are trying to set his bail amount to $2 million.

The driver has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The one benefit to having tougher charges is that the prosecution has a higher burden of proof to get it to stick. But any defense attorney knows that murder is one of the hardest of cases to defend. We hope that this individual can mount a strong legal defense to challenge the claims made by the prosecution to make sure they hold water or not.

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