Alleged DUI Driver Ends Crash With Urination

Car crash

Running from the police is a serious matter.  Forcing them to chase you isn’t the best option, no matter what you’ve done prior, because if you are caught you’ll have more charges added to your case. Some people, especially when they are suspected of DUI, do not necessarily heed that common sense.

Someone who was suspected of DUI decided to take police officers on a chase through downtown Los Angeles.  When he came to a stop, he decided to barricade himself in his vehicle for at least 90 minutes.  The chase lasted for around 2 hours, often finding pursuit on the wrong side of the road.

During the chase, the driver hit a van at low speed head-on. Then the driver backed up, possibly hitting a police officer before going on again.  Tire flattening units were deployed to take care of the situation and slow this reckless driver down.  When the driver came to a stop, he was sandwiched between police cars and there was no way out.

The driver then did the unexpected. He got out of the vehicle to urinate. While he was relieving himself, police caught him. 

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